me meeting you, i'm the fortunate one
is it okay if i stay by your side?

allison. enfp. multifandom. mostly anime. university kid. currently one day, i'll be a hero. currently obsessed with: teen wolf, hxh, maze runner, gsn "Don't underestimate humans, Meruem... you don't understand a thing. man's potential for evolution... is limitless." -- netero

I studied abroad in a rural town in Japan this past summer, and I had a ton of fun! Since I’ve gotten back, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the experience. I hope this small pamphlet/magazine thing can clear up some questions about studying abroad in Japan! I had to make this as my senior project, but honestly I’ll pass just for turning something in so I didn’t put too much effort into it. As a note, I’m not fluent in Japanese and I’m not an expert on the culture; this is simply an account of my observations and experiences. Anyways— HERE
P.S. I couldn’t really wear makeup there so I look horrible in all these photos! I blocked my face in a few to save your eyes— I also blocked my personal info.